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Physical Therapy Services

With years of practice and study in the field of physical therapy, we have noticed that our profession may be a little misunderstood. Many of our patients have already been to other PT's, chiropractors, and other doctors that have given them the impression that PT is just about exercise, heat, electric stimulation, and leg lifts. However, at our clinic we tailor the care plan to meet the patient's individual needs. With a specialty in hands on one on one therapy, we are able to get you better, faster, stronger, for longer!

Some things most people don't know about physical therapy...

1) It reduces pain

While pain is an important signal your body gives you, its nagging presence can disrupt many aspects of your life. Our initial focus will be to help you reduce your pain and symptoms so you can--first--get a good nights sleep, and become active again before we move on to helping you figure out and fix the root cause.

2) It Feels Good

Needless to say, physical therapy, with hard work, can actually feel good and help your body move through your daily activities so much better!

3) Return to Activity and Sport

Even if you've been told to never run, squat, lift or do (you name it) again, we can help you get back to your meaningful activities as we have helped 1,000's of other people do just that! You can feel confident and free of worry again!

4) It's more than just about your injury or body part

When you become a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy & Wellness you become a member of our family. Our focus is not just on your pain or injury. Our primary focus is to help you navigate the recovery process and get back to the activities in your life that are most meaningful to you. Whatever the cost, we will spend the time with you that's necessary to discover together how to progress back to your active lifestyle.

5) We help people avoid pain meds, imaging, and surgery

Yes, we've helped people not only recover from chronic pain, but acute injuries too! We help ensure that you will be stronger and more resilient than before so what you experienced doesn't happen again and we have programs available to keep a watchful eye on your progress and help you continue to improve the way you move through life. Our total body diagnostic has helped a number of patient's feel confident with their decisions to forgo invasive procedures that they were originally unsure of in the first place.

6) Even if you are not hurt, injured or have pain your body will thank you...

Your physical therapist can help you keep your body moving optimally. You don't have to have pain to know if you are moving poorly and just by identifying where your body is not being efficient we can help you lift, run, jump and play longer, feel stronger, move faster and hit that personal record you've been chasing for years (even in your 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond)!

7) You can be seen in our office right away

We can usually get you in for a visit with our doctors of physical therapy within 1 week and you do not need to waste another moment going to get a prescription from a physician to be seen by our specialists.

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